Mollydooker, Australian for “Left-Handed”; the top winemaking estates in all of Oz?

At Church Street Wine Cellars we’ve been huge fans of this brand of Australian delicacies for some time now. Mollydooker has been delighting our clientele in our humble brick and stone wine cellar underneath Church Street in Burlington, Vermont with their ripe, rich, but balanced style, not to mention stunning the critics!

For 12 years, Sarah & Sparky Marquis (pronounced Mar-kwis) have been “WOW”ing other wine fans around the world with their award-winning Australian wines made for such brands as Fox Creek, Henry’s Drive, Parsons Flat, Shirvington, Marquis Philips, Integrity, and now Mollydooker.

This dynamic duo has been awarded the title of Australian Winemakers of the Year; is the only husband and wife winemaking team to receive McLaren Vale’s prestigious Bushing Award three times; and is responsible for crafting four of only 24 Australian wines to receive 99 points from Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate in the last 10 years.

Starting in 2005, Mollydooker Wines became the only wines that Sarah and Sparky make, an since that time they feel as though they’ve been travelling down an Enchanted Path.

In 2006, The Wine Advocate rated their 2005 Lefty Wines the 1st, 2nd and 4th best value wines in the world under $20, and the Love Wines received 99 and 96 point scores.

In 2007, The Wine Advocate rated the 2006 Lefty wines among the best value wines in the world, and Velvet Glove became the fifth Mollydooker wine to be awarded 99 points. Wine Spectator selected The Boxer as a “Best Value Wine” and ranked the 2006 Carnival of Love as the 8th Best Wine in the World.

In 2008, the Wine Spectator chose the 2007 Velvet Glove as a “Classic” wine, and five other Mollydookers as “Outstanding”. The 2007 Carnival of Love was ranked 9th Best Wine in the World. WOW! A “Top 10” wine two years in a row!

In 2009, The Wine Advocate rated the entire line up of 2008 Lefty wines (the only wines released in that year) ALL 90 POINTS OR ABOVE.

In 2011, the 2010s are by all rights spectacular wines, poised to break further review records, are on order and (many have been presold to you from our recent offer at reduced prices)! Although the just released 2010 vintage has not yet been reviewed, check out this retrospective of reviews from Wine Advocate & Wine Spectator!

Many of you have perhaps heard about the crane accident involving Mollydooker’s Velvet Glove Shiraz where 1/3 of production was destroyed when it dropped from a height of 20 feet in a single crane accident (too bad the container they dropped had Sparky & Sarah’s flagship bottling in it, as the next container contained to be unloaded contained SAND); the state will now only be receiving 3- 3 pks of this wine!

Another point to consider, you may wish to go long and takes some extra cases of the 2010s as in 2011, production was cut by TWO-THIRDS so much less wine will be available. For example, in 2011 the distributor will only be offered 15 cases of the most popular The Boxer Shiraz as opposed to an average of one pallet (56 cs) or more. Again, you may wish to order extra to tide you over the next vintage.

Wine Advocate “Two of South Australia’s leading viticulturists and winemaker’s are undoubtedly Sarah & Sparky Marquis.” – Robert Parker Jr. in Wine Advocate

The New York Times “…another wordless wow.” by SS. FLAIR

Let’s look at some previous reviews…

Wine Advocate 2009 Vintage Reviews
09 Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon — 93 pts!
09 Carnival of Love — 93 pts!
09 Enchanted Path — 93 pts!
09 The Scooter Merlot — 90 pts!
09 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz — 92 pts!
09 The Velvet Glove Shiraz — 97+ pts!
09 The Boxer Shiraz — 91 pts!
09 The Violinist Verdelho – 90 pts!
09 Two Left Feet — 91+ pts!

Wine Spectator 2009 Vintage Reviews
2009 Velvet Glove Shiraz 96 points!
2009 Carnival of Love Shiraz 94 points!
2009 Enchanted Path Shiraz-Cabernet 91 points!
2009 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 91 points!
2009 Gigglepot Cabernet 90 points!
2009 Two Left Feet 90 points!
2009 The Boxer Shiraz 90 points!

Wine Advocate 2008 Vintage Reviews
All of the 2008 Mollydooker ‘Lefty Series’ (the only wines released wines) were rated 90 points or above!
08 The Boxer Shiraz — 91 pts!
08 Two Left Feet Blend — 90 pts!
08 The Maitre D’ Cabernet Sauvignon — 90 pts!
08 The Scooter Merlot — 90 pts!
09 The Violinist Verdelho — 90 pts!
All other wines were declassified into Lefty Series in this vintage.

Wine Advocate 2007 Vintage Reviews
The Wine Advocate released the Australia issue, and all of the 2007 Mollydooker’s were rated 90-98 points, and they received the first, second, third, equal fourth and equal fifth highest scores!

07 Velvet Glove Shiraz — 98 pts!
07 Carnival of Love Shiraz — 96 pts!
07 Enchanted Path Shiraz/Cabernet — 95+ pts!
07 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz — 95 pts!
07 Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon — 94 pts!
07 The Boxer Shiraz — 93 pts!
07 Two Left Feet Blend — 93 pts!
07 The Maitre D’ Cabernet Sauvignon – 92 pts!
07 The Scooter Merlot — 91 pts!
08 The Violinist Verdelho — 90 pts!

Wine Spectator 2007 Vintage Reviews
Four Mollydooker’s rated as “Great Australian Reds” & Carnival of Love is “Highly Recommended”. “A First Look at our Editors’ Most Exciting New Wines”.

6 out of 36 wines chosen are the new 2007 Mollydookers!
2007 Carnival of Love ‘Top 10 Wine of 2008’ by Wine Spectator!

2007 Velvet Glove receives 96 Points!
2007 Carnival of Love “Highly Recommended” receives 95 Points!
2007 Enchanted Path receives 91 Points!
2007 Blue Eyed Boy receives 92 Points!
2007 Gigglepot receives 92 Points!
2007 The Boxer receives 90 Points!
2007 The Scooter receives 87 Points!
Wine Advocate 2006 Vintage Reviews
Sarah & Sparky have been awarded an astounding five 99-point scores for their wines in the last six years, including the 2005 Carnival of Love and the 2006
Velvet Glove!

Wine Advocate writer Jay Miller rates 10 of the 2006 wines 90-99 pts!
2006 Velvet Glove receives — 99 Pts!
2006 Carnival of Love receives — 97 Pts!
2006 Enchanted Path receives — 94 Pts!
2006 Gigglepot receives — 95 Pts!
2006 Blue Eyed Boy receives — 96 Pts!
2006 The Boxer receives — 94 Pts!
2006 Two Left Feet receives — 93 Pts!
2006 The Maitre D’ receives — 91 Pts!
2006 The Scooter receives — 91 Pts!
2007 The Violinist receives — 90 Pts!

Wine Spectator 2006 Vintage Reviews
2006 Velvet Glove receives 97 Points!
2006 Carnival of Love – Rated #8 in the Top 100 Wines Wines of the World!
2006 Enchanted Path receives 93 Points!
2006 The Boxer named Wine of the Week & 90 Points!
2005 The Boxer makes Wine Spectator’s Top 100!

Questions, comments or orders? Drop us a line at; the 2010s are due in our shop the week of October 24th, 2011.

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