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Brian Loring, Loring Wine Company 2010 Vintage–Fall Releases

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While in college, owner winemaker and self-described “pinot-freak” Brian Loring worked at a wine store in Southern California where one of the owners was a Burgundy fanatic. Brian’s first experiences with Burgundy were from producers he quickly admired like Domaine Dujac, Henri Jayer and Domaine Romanee-Conti. Early safaris into the domestic Pinot Noir jungle of the 1980s were unsatisfying until he tried some Calera. Eventually he came to understand and enjoy other California Pinot Noirs like Williams Selyem, Chalone and Sanford. But it was the friendship he developed with winemaker Norm Beko of Cottonwood Canyon Winery that got him started in the wine business. While participating in the 1997 crush, he made two barrels of his own Pinot Noir and the Loring Wine Company was hatched. The name was a homage to Josh Jensen and the Calera Wine Company.

Brian was to be one of the first boutique Pinot Noir producers to enter the field cold so to speak (he was a software engineer). Unimpressed by his own good fortune and success, he has shared his enthusiasm and knowledge freely, and inspired a number of other pinot freaks such as Greg Piatigorski (Alcina Cellars), Jamie Kutch (Kutch Wines), and Andrew Vingiello (A.P. Vin).

His success has been predicated in part on his insistence of acquiring first-rate Pinot Noir grapes from prestigious vineyards. Anyone in the business can tell you that you can’t make great Pinot Noir from inferior grapes (although many try). He never professed to be an experienced winegrower, so he allowed vineyard owners to farm his blocks as they farmed the ones they used for their own label. He began humbly, with 150 cases of Pinot Noir in 1999, increased this to 950 cases by 2002, and crafted 6,000 cases in 2006. This plateau will allows him to devote his energies full-time to make wine for Loring Wine Company as well as consulting on other projects. An investment group who were fans of Loring’s wines started Pali Wine Company and built a large winemaking facility in Lompoc. Brian crafts the Pinot Noirs for Pali in exchange for the use of the new winery for producing his own Loring Wine Company Pinot Noirs.

Fast forward to 2010. 2010 was an EPIC year for California Pinot Noir. Due to the long, cool growing season, they got nearly an extra month of hang time on the vine than in “normal” years. That resulted in awesome fruit and even more awesome wines!

The 2010s are already showing better than the 2009s did at this point. And that’s saying a lot—since the 2009s were the best wines Brian had ever made prior to the 2010s (and utterly delicious). In general, his 2010s are very velvety in structure, with a density and purity of fruit beyond anything we’ve seen—while retaining a graceful feel to them. Hard to describe, but fascinating to taste. While somewhat similar to his 2009s, the 2010s will be a touch deeper and yet a bit more refined. People who loved the 2009s will flip over the 2010s!!

The only real issue is that yields were much lower in 2010. Because of that, Brian was only able to produce enough of the AVA designated wines to cover his mailing list. And if you take a look at the cases produced of the single vineyard wines, you’ll probably quickly figure out that there won’t be a lot of any of those wines to go around—especially considering that his mailing list will be taking a decent chunk from the listed amounts as well. Just see our allocations for yourself, and if you want them, BUY THEM NOW.

Since so many wineries are cutting back on alcohol, oak, and ML for their Chards, he felt there was a void being created for those of us that like the big, oaky, buttery Chards. Of course, not too oaky or buttery —but just right! Think Kistler Chards before they started dialing them back. The Durell and Parmelee-Hill (Durell’s”sister” vineyard) Chards are the silky, oily texture, lower acid Chards that should please anyone who likes the old style Kistler, Peter Michael, or Aubert chardonnays. The Sierra Mar is from Santa Lucia Highlands and is more racy (higher acid) and tropical—with lots of apple notes—but still big and rich.

Single Vineyard Chardonnay
Brian decided to make Chardonnay to sell because it’s getting harder and harder to find the richer style Chardonnays that he prefers in the marketplace. It seems that stainless steel fermentation and non-ML Chardonnays are all the rage these days. Maybe he’s just not “hip”… but he like some buttery, toasty, oaky goodness in Chardonnay. Not gobs and gobs of butter and oak, but enough to add texture and depth. Stylistically he shoots for something like David Ramey makes, but maybe “notched up one step”.

Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
The Fall Release of Brian’s Single Vineyard Designated Pinots consists of the northern most vineyards he sources fruit from: Graham Family, Keefer Ranch, Durell, Rosella’s, and Garys’. In general, Brian’s 2010s are very velvety in structure, with a density and purity of fruit beyond anything we’ve seen—while retaining a graceful feel to them. Hard to describe, but fascinating to taste. While somewhat similar to his 2009s, the 2010s will be a touch deeper and a bit more refined. If you liked the 2009s, you’ll love the 2010s!

With an average of only 4 cases allocated of most wines offered and a track record of a mailing list only clientele, small production (100 to 400 cases of each wine produced) and very high scores from Wine Spectator and others, Brian Loring crafts some of California’s most allocated pinot noir. Velvety, soft and rich, the 2010s were EPIC, but a year with VERY LOW yields. This will probably be your only opportunity to purchase these wines from Calmont Beverage.

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